PCNSW 50th Anniversary Concours d'Elegance

  • 20 Oct 2013
  • 09:00 - 16:00
  • Sydney Olympic Park, The Armory, Jamieson Street Homebush Bay.
  • 43


  • For those who don't want their Porsches judged or admired but just want to park on the grounds and savour the atmosphere of a great gathering of Porsches and their Owners and frinends.

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PCNSW 50th Anniversary Concours d’Elegance



Treffen will remain open until midnight Thursday:
why struggle with trying to find a parking spot outside the display area when you can register and pay just $25 to display your Porsche with the others but not have it judged.

One of the ‘Must Do’ events on the PCNSW calendar is the Annual Concours held at The Armory at Olympic Park at Silverwater. It is probably the biggest gathering of Porsches anywhere in Australia each year. This year is even more special being the Club’s 50th Anniversary. Come and enjoy the fun and friendly atmosphere of having your Porsche judged in one o the following categories

Category 1 – Open Concours D’elegance will be the pinnacle of the event, with competitors vying for Gold, Silver and Bronze awards and the ultimate Concours prize, the Brian Reed Trophy. The class will be open to all past winners and place getters  and by invitation. Judging will look at every aspect and part of the car from the perspectives of cleanliness, condition and originality – Cost $75

Category 2a – Wash and Polish Concours will attract well prepared cars including all those that have won past Wash and Polish segments. There will be no break up of different models and cars will be judged on cleanliness of visible surfaces. “We’ll look at interior, exterior including wheels and tyres, and the boot, but not the engine bay. Cost $75

Category 2b – Originality Cars over 30 years old will be judged on the same basis as Category 2a and reflects the worldwide trend for preservation and originality rather than restoration. Cost $75

Category 3a – Modified Street Cars provides a place for modified cars, which have been a part of club life for many years. It’s interesting to recall that twenty years ago, people were buying early model 911s and turning them into big bumper lookalikes; now the trend is the opposite. Judging will be on the same basis as Wash and Polish. Cost $45

Category 3b – Race Carswill create a class for cars actively used in competition, whether they are full-on race cars or cars developed for club super sprints. Reece commented, “These cars can often suffer stone chips and above average wear and tear, so owners don’t always bring them to the Concours. But they form a rich part of club life and enhance the Concours terrifically – hence the special class.” Cost $45

Category 4 – Show’n’Shine is a new category designed to attract more Treffen entrants into a judging class. The judging will be limited and based on presentation,” said Reece, “and will be broken into various Porsche models. I’d like to emphasise that unlike Wash and Polish cars, which will have had some preparation for the event, the Show’n’Shine is for cars that have had a quick wash and vacuum the day before the event – nothing more.” Cost $45

The Treffen – why struggle with trying to find a parking spot outside the display area when you can register and pay just $25 to display your Porsche with the others but not have it judged.


Important Information

1. No dogs or animals are allowed on site – being a directive of SOPA.

2. Entry time and exit restrictions for the Event – SOPA requirements for security, control and safety within the pedestrian based grounds are:

Vehicle entry is restricted to those vehicles only stated on the official entrants list and authorised trade vehicles.

Vehicles must enter only between the hours 7am and 9am. No late entries permitted.

Entrants are expected to remain on site for the whole day (approx.3pm). Early exit is very limited with one early exit only at 12 noon and otherwise at the conclusion of the event at approx. 3pm.


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